(Legacy) How do I use the Flashcards?




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    Tim Perkin

    Hi - do you know if m4a files can be made to work properly on Android? I can get the audio to work, and the initial CBS image is displayed, but no further images are shown as the audio proceeds.

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    Hi Tim,

    Whilst the majority of our material is in mp3 and pdf format, which should work on any platform, some of our members' files are formatted as .m4a (enhanced podcast) and .epub (electronic book) files, depending on the course you are interested in. Currently we do not know of a guaranteed way to listen to and view these files on the Android devices. Some websites suggest ways to convert the files into formats that will be able to be read by the Android devices, but there does not appear to be a proven method available yet, and the methods I have found by searching on Google seem to only convert the file into mp3 format so you get the audio content, but not the visual content (which defeats the purpose of course!).

    We're always looking to make our material available to as many different platforms as possible, so we will continue to look for options for the Android operating system.

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    Ian Bromley

    I am using an Android app (MX Player) that can be setup to play m4a files, which displays the flashcards from the enhanced version.

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